Women Studies 320

I chose to conduct an online chat with an OSU librarian. I told them about my topic, which is on Dr. Betty Harris. I told her about the few resources I found and also that most of the information I have found so far is very generic. There is not very much information on the explosives identifying device that she invented. She encouraged me to check out the library resources and conduct a search on OSU’s online database of articles., which didn’t yield many results.

After doing a search on the library website I still having no luck in finding a very solid article, the librarian suggested that I narrow my research down and focus on different aspects of Harris’s life. I decided to focus on the cultural aspects of Betty Harris’s life after finding out that the colleges she went to were all black schools. She suggested that I try to find research based on the cultural barriers that Harris faced, so I have set out to explore this.  I have found this to be the most helpful. Although I am still fairly early in my research, I have found some helpful articles!


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