Women Studies 320

Gender Lens research

Throughout my research on the GoldieBlox toy, I have learned a great deal about our solution to getting more women in STEM fields. GoldieBlox seems to be hitting the nail on the head as it targets young girls, at the same age as gender differentiation really starts to occur. Throughout this course I have learned a lot about the problem of a lack of female presence in STEM fields, but not much about actually reversing the cycle. Targeting young children seems to be like a very effective way to begin. Providing them with the tools they need to become interested in science, math or engineering will ultimately lead to more women going into those fields and having more and more female role models, which is great!   I also learned how to explore different research databases, besides the basic library search for articles. This proved to be very helpful considering I was struggling to find many articles related to this fascinating new toy.

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